Brigadiers Reunion Corps 2020

BRIG JUICE, is planning a Reunion Corps to PERFORM at the 2020 DCA ALUMNI SPECTACULAR in Williamsport, PA on Sunday morning Sept. 6th, 2020.

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Come be a part of Brigadier history again!

MINIMAL TIME  (One rehearsal a month) NO DRILL  (The show is indoor on a stage) NO MEMORIZING  (We will use music & music stands)

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Who’s involved with putting this together:

Bob Marsman,  Arnie Zampi,  Joe Falciatano,  Trevor Stoyer,  Trish O’Shea, Rhys Henson & others…

WANT TO HELP?  Let us know in the Message section of the Sign-up Form at the bottom of this page.

** We’d also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the PURPLE LANCERS for their support & help **

What we will be performing:

We will be performing a Musical History of the Brigadiers that will include music of every decade from the 1950’s to 2009.

Note:  The Alumni Spectacular is an Indoor Stand-Still show this year.

FAQ’s  –  Frequently Asked Questions:

Our Planned Music Show:

  • Black Saddle
  • Shangri-La
  • Harlem Nocturne
  • Channel One Suite
  • Spanish Fantasy
  • MacArthur Park
1) Q: Do I have to make every rehearsal?
A:  NO. Especially those of you from out of town.
We will be emailing out the music parts & midi files that you can practice along with.  (I will have also have music at all the rehearsals.)
2) Q: Will we be marching or have to learn a drill?

A:  NO. The Alumni Spectacular is an INDOOR stand-still show on a stage this year.

3) Q: Do we have to memorize the music?
A:  NO, the Brass players & Drummers will be using music & music stands.
4) Q: Are we using Bb Horns or G Bugles?
A:  Yes, BOTH.  While most people will be using Bb trumpets, baritones, tubas & F mellophones, some people will be playing G bugles.
I have music for both the Bb/F horns & G Bugles. 
Please play your own horn if you have one.
5) Q: I don't have a horn. Do you have one I can use?

A:  YES, if you need a horn we have some Bb trumpets, baritones, tubas & F mellophones available that you can use.  We also have some G bugles available.  (Note: If you have your own horn, please use that.)

We will have horns will be available at rehearsals for those who need them.
6) Q: Are there any fundraisers or costs?

A:  NO/YES. There won’t be any fundraisers, but there may be a small $25-50 dollar fee to cover the costs of the Commemorative T-shirts that everyone will receive & the “after show” banquet that we will have after our performance on DCA Sunday.
(If this is a hardship for anyone, please let us know. We don’t want anyone to not be involved because of cost.)

7) Q: What is the Guard doing?
A:  Because this is an indoor show on a stage, the routines that the guard will be able to perform will be limited because of space. But we would still like to have a full guard, rifle line & honor guard to be involved.
8) Q: How can I help?


Also, if you are a Brass, Drum or Guard instructor, please let us know so we can break down into smaller groups at rehearsals.

Brass Players:

  • Bb Trumpet / G Soprano
  • F Mellophone / G Mello
  • Bb Baritone / G Bari
  • Bb Tuba / G Contra

You can use your own personal horns.

We also have some Bb brass available.


  • Snares
  • Quads
  • Bass Drums
  • Cymbals

We will be providing drum equipment.

Note:  We will NOT have a “front ensemble”.

Color Guard:

  • Flags
  • Rifles
  • Honor Guard

The show is indoors this year, so there is no marching.


  • DCA After Party
  • Alumni/Reunion Banquet

Even if you can’t play in the Reunion Corps, we want ALL former Brigs to come to our DCA performance & parties.

Click Join Now & fill out the form.  (In “Corps Section” choose “when’s the party”.)

SEE WHO’S ALREADY SIGNED UP TO PLAY  (Click on the Sections below)

  (More people are signing up every day.  Don’t miss this celebration of the Brigadiers.)


Arnold ‘Arnie’ Zampi (65 years a Brigadier), Alex Drouin, Dave Martin, Gene Boyle, Geoff Whiting, Henry Staab, Jacob Nickolini, Joe Falciatano, Joe Lewis, Mark Kelly, Martin Williams, Mary Lass-Eberling, Mary Studdiford, Millie Sauter, Randy Kratofil, Rhys Henson, Rob Roll, Santo Surace, Scott Stansfield,


Bob Marsman, Brent Cooley, Chuck Case, Dan Hacker, Dean Leason, Jackie Morgan, Jennifer Warner, Nikki Colvin, Pete Poppe, Roberta Marks, Scott Bedard, Teddi Sotiropoulos, Tim Moore,


Amanda Miller, Bill Dickson, Bill Schwartz, Bob Dunham, Bob Loforte, Brian McArdle, Clayton Morgan, Daniel Moscicki, Jonas Mitchell, Lou Bilello, Robert Spence, Ron Loftin, Terry Dowd, Tom, Meek, Troy Schmidt,


Bruce Bradly, Chad Orser, Dave Morris, Jim Sahm, Joe Chizek Jr., Michael Predmore, Randall Bennett, Ray Sturge,


Mike Soucy, Tim Jennings, Michele D’Eredita, Dona Falciatano, Chuck Stanton, Jr.,

Guard/Honor Guard

Trish O’Shea, Ivan M. Owen,

Helping Out

Joe Falciatano, Trevor Stoyer, Bob Marsman, Diann Meek, Mike Brooker  (If you can help recruit, instruct, etc. please let us know)

Just Coming To Party

Joe Mangano, Melanie Blanchard, Thomas Palmer, William Dunham,


Important Note:  We know some of you may NOT be able to make every rehearsal.

(Especially those coming from out of state.)  That’s OK.

We will send out music & midi files that you can practice with at home.


Planned Rehearsal Schedule:

The BRASS & DRUMS will rehearse about once a month.  The GUARD rehearsals TBA.

The PURPLE LANCERS have graciously offered use of their bingo hall for us to rehearse in.  This will make it closer for those coming from the “West”.

DCA Rehearsal Location:

At Our Hotel:

Best Western Williamsport Inn

1840 East 3rd Street

Williamspot, PA 17701

DCA WEEKEND in Williamsport, PA         It was GREAT!

  • Thanks to all who performed on Sunday. You were awesome
  • Also thanks to all who were there to cheer us on. 

!! Stay tuned, we may do it again in 2020. If you haven’t already – Sign up NOW !!

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DCA Rehearsal Location:

At Our Hotel:

Best Western Williamsport Inn

1840 East 3rd Street

Williamsport, PA 17701



(315) 400-0567

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